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EXM takes care of the complexity so you can focus on maximizing value.

Why EXM?

At the beginning of the week it's easy to get distracted from the things you really need to be doing as new issues land it can begin to feel like chaos. What if you could simply control the things that really drive value?

EXM is a strategy execution solution (software+service) to help you manage the complexity of your portfolio so you can build value and drive execution.

EXM is designed to make your life easier and keep you on the pulse of execution of your portfolio companies at the touch of a button.

We travel with you on your journey to value-creation


A CEO can collaborate with his/her teams and keep 'on the pulse' of their strategy execution.

How EXM helps a CEO keep on the pulse of execution

This video focuses on how EXM helps a CEO or Company Executive create and deliver on their 'Value-Creation' Plan.  It covers both the web version and the Google Android of Apple IOS companion app.

Monitor the progress of your business towards your Value Plan and contribute with regular updates on the status of your value-drivers, objectives and the progress of your actions.

By updating this information, typically once a month, you'll assist the Board in tracking the latest status of the Business Plan.  

In addition to the desktop version, the downloadable EXM app provides you with an easy real-time view of your company objectives, actions, update messages and more.  You can even configure it to trigger alerts when certain thresholds are reached. 


Maximising Value Creation through Strategy Execution

Why Private Equity?

Juan Manrique, CEO of Hydra Management explains why he created EXM, his drive to help organisations excel in their capacity to deliver innovation through projects and his journey into the private equity space to help the sector to deliver value creation through effective strategy execution.


Jeroen De Flander, Institute for Strategy Execution

Building capabilities to realize your strategy today and in the future

If strategy is choice then strategy execution is helping people making small day to day choices in-line with the big choice. It means a change in thinking about strategy to much more about decisions and helping the people making decisions.

Strategy execution is not so much about action planning, it's about facilitating decisions in the field in-line with the strategy.

The average strategy survives about seven years but strategy execution survives much longer. It's about building a capability that can serve you not only to realise your strategy today but also help you to build capabilities for future strategies.