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6 top challenges in strategy execution

6 top challenges in strategy execution

Gartners Strategy in 2020 report highlights eight major shifts transforming businesses by 2020 including value-drivers, its role, and execution.  With these changes come inevitable challenges.  But what are the top six challenges in strategy execution that you need to overcome, to deliver your organisations value-driven strategic plan?

1.  Delivering value to the Business

Focus remains on developing a Value-Creation Plan with value-driven actions that offer positive outcomes to the Business and of projects doing the work required to ensure the strategy is achieved.

2. Transforming a strategic vision into reality

Some businesses are still struggling to see how to turn their beautiful strategy slide deck into something tangible that team leaders can deliver.

3. Translating the CEO’s ideas into real projects 

Focus on how you translate the CEO’s ideas into a set of clear, understandable value-driven projects that make it real.

4. Turning a strategy slide deck into something that teams can deliver

It is vital to connect the tangible Value-Plan to the rest of the organisation.

5. Ensuring the right work is done to achieve the strategy

Your people need to be empowered to deliver the projects.  Team members need the ability to focus on the work and projects that add value and contribute to the success of the Value-Plan. 

6. Bridging the gap between strategy formulation and execution

One of the problems with an organisations strategy and its execution is the disconnect between the two. Linking strategy formulation and execution is a difficult one, but once it is in place, your teams can fly.

What Next?

Could the right strategy execution solution help you reach your strategy execution goals?  EXM is a powerful strategy execution solution that

  • Can turn your beautiful strategy slide deck into something tangible that your teams can deliver.
  • Puts focus on translating the CEO’s big ideas into a set of projects that make it real.
  • Gives team members the ability to measure their contribution in real-time. 
  • Provides the vital link between the formulation of your strategy and its effective execution.

Are you ready to take the next steps in developing the digital fitness to transform your strategy execution capabilities?   Schedule your strategy execution call and dive deeper into the actions you can take to maximise the delivery of your value-creation plan. 


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