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EXM portfolio monitoring solution promotes strong alignment around value creation drivers, impeccable execution of objectives and seamless collaboration between all stakeholders to maximise the chances of a successful return for Investors

Value Proposition Business Model

A shared strategy that aligns all stakeholders and connects your finance and investment teams. 

The capture and sharing of knowledge to reduce the time and cost of the value-creation cycle.

Business intelligence to maximise the experience in value creation and portfolio reporting.

What can it do for your Fund Portfolio?

Supports your investment strategy from 100-day planning to exit by creating a controlled value-creation cycle to build a strategy that gives you maximum equity value.

Bridge the gap between operating partners and the CFO by connecting strategy to real-time financial results.

Drive accountability across the executive team, enabling them to achieve shared returns.


How it helps 

Consolidates all your value creation plans into an easy to navigate digital format.

Simplifies your Board reporting for each company and across your fund portfolio.

Allows financial information to be extracted directly from the companies’ accounting systems to improve the timeliness and integrity of financial data.

Powerful BI engine offering you the richest possible ‘real-time’ data insights. 

The power of value creation & portfolio monitoring in one flexible solution

Integrated Value Creation Planning & Control

Standalone or complementing your existing portfolio solutions,  EXM offers integrated value creation planning at both a fund and company level enabling you to contextualise financial performance against value creation plans. 

Fund Performance & Business Insights

EXM's business intelligence platform provides unique insight into the valuation of your businesses, from IRR to automated Covenant warnings, with the addition of a unified risk register and more than 200 pre-configured ESG KPIs.



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Connected Portfolio

No more cumbersome, time-consuming data collection. EXM's built-in process automation gives you direct access to the accounting system of your portfolio companies.  Information flows from a single input through to the GP level to feed into your stakeholders and investor reports.



Complex Communication Channels

complex communications


Streamlined Communication

Streamlined communications with EXM



Your Fund performance is driven by a common Portfolio Value-Creation Model to ensure maximum exit value.

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EXM supports and helps you overcome common business challenges to build maximum enterprise value from investment to exit.

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Improves alignment

Digitise your portfolio companies strategies, bringing teams together on the same page, motivating them to deliver value

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Real-time access

Review the execution status of your Portfolio's business strategy in real-time via mobile or web

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Standardises your portfolio model

Control the execution of your value-creation plan across fund portfolios and assets in a consistent way

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Performance tracking

Choose the objectives and initiatives that you care about, and track their performance against your own thresholds

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Greater transparency

Increases transparency and traceability of the decisions made during the execution of your plan

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More productive meetings

More effective control of all actions generated from key meetings across your portfolio of companies

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Drives performance management

Automatically generates your portfolio companies Balanced Scorecard

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