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What is EXM?

EXM is a cloud-based strategy execution solution that translates (digitalises) a business strategy into a tangible format that team leaders can deliver.

How does it help your Strategy Execution?

It enables CEOs and Portfolio Managers to define, communicate and control the execution of a business strategy around the concept of 'Value-Creation'. It drives seamless collaboration between all stakeholders, increases strategic alignment, speed of execution and reduces time in reporting progress by up to 50%.

EXM ultimately increases the probability of delivering a business plan successfully.

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EXM strategy execution software supports, and helps you overcome, common challenges when delivering on a Business Plan

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Improves alignment

Digitalising your business strategy brings your team together on the same page and motivates them to deliver value. 


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Access in real-time

Review the execution status of your business strategy in real-time via mobile or web.

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More productive meetings

More effective control and communication of all actions generated from key meetings across your business.

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Strategic Agility

The ability to change direction quickly to keep momentum in value creation

Empowers your team

Empowers your team

Ownership and responsibility of individual objectives encourages all team members to make a difference.

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Increases transparency

Greater transparency and traceability of the decisions made during the execution of your plan. 

Improves risk management

Improves risk management

The integrated risk management model links risk impact against your Business goals.

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Performance tracking

Choose the objectives and initiatives that you care about, and track their performance against your own thresholds.

Improved strategic agility

EXM embeds flexibility & helps you reach new levels of strategic agility; visualise, keep track & report on where you are with your key value drivers

As opposed to having a plan and not having EXM, EXM allows us to adapt the plan quite quickly.  At any point we can see that any new things that we actually want to do, how that affects both the value of the plan, the value of the drivers, and basically kneads it all together, which we wouldn’t see from a purely documentative point of view so, its been really good in that if we want to do something or the plans change slightly we know its flexible, we know we can add it into EXM and we can also see the output in terms of what it looks like and how that affects the value of the business.


Ian Baldwin

Co-CEO, Building Supplies Online


EXM strategy execution solution is designed to be friendly and easy to use.  The combination of a cloud platform and mobile app allows you to keep on the pulse of your strategy execution.

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“Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking”

-Jeroen de Flander

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Strategy Execution Thought Leader, Jeroen De Flander explains what Strategy Execution is and why it is important.

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