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Value-creation is the primary aim of any business and we believe that execution excellence is the basis of value-creation for organisations and individuals. That's why we created EXM strategy execution solution.

Value Proposition and Business Model

The EXM value proposition and business model are built around three major concepts

Empowerment and alignment behind a shared strategy;

The capture and sharing of knowledge to reduce the time and cost of the value-creation cycle; and

Artificial intelligence to maximise the experience in value-creation and execution.

What can EXM do for your Business?

The EXM strategy execution framework gives you the ability to align, orchestrate and maximise your business strategy and control the value-creation cycle to build maximum enterprise value.

EXM provides a platform for you to communicate internally, manage the execution of your strategy, increasing alignment of efforts and empowering all team members to deliver value.

EXM helps your Business to

Demonstrate business transparency leading to increased employee engagement;

Focus on creating value;

Align the whole team towards value creation;

Engage everyone with the Business Plan;

Empower your people to achieve the Business Plan.


Transform the way you manage and communicate your strategy

During the live demo you will learn how EXM

  • Digitalises your business strategy
  • Aligns your strategy with everyone in your organisation
  • Helps you define, communicate and control the execution of your strategy around 'value-creation'
  • Simplifies your Business Planning & Board Reporting
  • Strengthens alignment with the leadership team
  • Empowers your team to succeed

“Strategy Execution is the responsibility that makes or breaks executives”

—Alan Branche and Sam Bodley-Scott, Implementation


The EXM strategy execution framework enables you to focus your Business strategy on 'value-creation' and maintain full control of your Business' value-creation cycle.



The EXM strategy execution framework helps you to align, orchestrate and maximise your value creation cycle

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Strengthens alignment with the leadership team by identifying and continuously sharing objectives. Planning is simplified and every area of growth is clear and transparent.

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Execute plans and track progress. A repeatable model that keeps teams focused, following best-practice, building value, reducing risks and motivating all team members to deliver value.

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Enhanced focus on value creation and increased visibility of strategy execution keeps teams aligned with the overall plan and empowers them to deliver their actions and objectives.

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”

—Jack Welch


EXM increases transparency and communication in your organisation and transforms your team by empowering and motivating all team members to deliver value.


Before EXM

Organisations adopt a traditional, top-down model of monthly results meetings and presentations.  Focus is on past actions or results and the majority of the content is not usually relevant to the rest of the team.

Traditional team meeting
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With EXM

Organisations adopt transparent, monthly 'brainstorming' sessions focused on future activities. All team members participate in the analysis and work together to find solutions. Objectives and actions, with target dates and owners, are shared as part of the ‘action plan’.

Motivated and empowered team high-fiving


EXM strategy execution software supports, and helps you overcome, common challenges when delivering on a Business Plan

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Improves alignment

Digitalising your business strategy brings your team together on the same page and motivates them to deliver value. 


Access in real-time icon

Access in real-time

Review the execution status of your business strategy in real-time via mobile or web.

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More productive meetings

More effective control and communication of all actions generated from key meetings across your business.

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Performance tracking

Choose the objectives and initiatives that you care about, and track their performance against your own thresholds.

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Empowers your team

Ownership and responsibility of individual objectives encourages all team members to make a difference.

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Increases transparency

Greater transparency and traceability of the decisions made during the execution of your plan. 

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Improves risk management

The integrated risk management model links risk impact against your Business goals.

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Drives performance management

Automatically generates your Business' Balanced Scorecard.